You have to understand that there are few many things in this life worth taking this risks for. This risk is well-known among us and we give it various names, various descriptions and meanings. Its simplest name is probably fear. Its most feared name is definitely death. Its most popular name is love. We exist in these names and feel them as such. But these names are all, however, one thing. A word.
In the beginning there was the word. It was an action – a movement; energy, potential. With it was born the friction, the gravity, the stagnation. By some accounts this was followed by seven days of creation.

On the first day creation itself is another word for this very forming of energy, deforming the potential into tangible. Death of potential for the birth of creation. The energy fossil contained in the imprint of the essence of what it was when it was not. The opposites glide along each other.  And so we build pressure.
For the second and third day we experience that we have actions that can be averse or attracted to the observed itself. What we can deduct off the fossil is what we decide is reality. The duality of potential and tangible shifts eventually over into “is” and “is no more”, shield and sword. The sacrifice leaves us with a balance, we see what others see. We create truth.

To see truth is to see beauty. What a day that is. We see beauty in everything, even the darkness, even the pain for we understand to defend and to kill, we understand the morals of Ancient Gods. We find our redemption for lacking perfection in the “eternal striving” that we are. We find beauty in ourselves.

The next three days day we manifest this as a cycle of thoughts, re/actions and emotions (- learning). We learn to learn. We learn to accumulate knowledge from reality, we learn to reap the intelligence of our instincts. We learn of our mind. We go through the magic of change. We learn of our cycles, the moon, the ocean, the seasons, the stars. We learn to speak. We learn to listen. We learn of death. We learn to die.
On the seventh day we learn that we exist.


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